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Nautical datasheet



(44° 45''N; 14° 46''E), town and harbour (pop. 592 in 1991) on the island of the same name.

Harbour office working hours 08- 13 & 18 -20h
Lučka kapetanija Rijeka  Ispostava Rab /     Harbour Master's Office Rijeka Branch Office Rab

Tel./Fax.: 051 724-103
VHF: 10 i 16



Approach: Landmarks: the town walls and four belfries; the round green tower with a gallery (green light) on a concrete base on Frkanj shoal; the quadrangular stone tower with a red top (red light) on Frkanj point; the round red tower on Sv Ante point (red light) and the multi-storey tower with a green topmark on the islet of Tunera (green light); the white tower with a column and gallery (white light) on Donji point (the islet of Dolin).

Warning: Off the entrance to the outer part of the harbour are two shoals: Vela sika (3.8 m) and Frkanj. Do not exceed 3 knots when entering or leaving the harbour.

Mooring: The inner harbour is sheltered from all winds except the south-easterlies. The sirocco causes a strong swell in the har- bour with waves flooding part of the W waterfront. It is there- fore recommended for yachts to go to the Rab marina. The best anchorage for larger yachts is in the nearby Sveta Fumija cove (depth 428 m) and NW of Tunera islet at the entrance to the harbour.

Facilities: Harbour master''s branch office, post office, several hotels and restaurants, various shops, medical service and chemist''s. There is a naturist beach on Frkanj peninsula. Kanjac Fishing Club.

Provisions are available in shops. Water from a hydrant, fuel from the pump in the Rab marina.

Several boatyards at Banjol make and repair boats, speedboats and small wooden and plastic yachts. The mechanics at Banjol carry out repairs of outboard engines (JOHNSON, CHRYSLER, EVINRUDE, VOLVOPENTA, SAAB).

Car-ferry lines: Lopar - Baska (Island of Krk) and Misnjak - Jablanac (mainland).

Sights: The town wall (12/13 C, later reinforced, pulled down in part at  the beginning of 20 C), with the Town Tower; Rector''s Palace (13 C, later reconstructions), the Loggia (1509), Sv Marija Velika cathedral (St Mary the Great, 1177, renovated in 1278 and 1483, ciborium about 1500, choir stalls 1455, with the parish art collection, the belfry from 1181); the ruins of Sv Ivan church (St John, 10/11 C, with the belfry from 12 C); the churches of Sv Andrija (St Andrew, Romanesque, reconstructed in the Renaissance) and Sv Justina (15731578); the residences of the families Crnota (15 C), Cassio (Gothic), Dominis-Nimira (15/16 C), Nimira (16 C, with a portal), Tudorin, Kukulic and Marcic- Galzigna. Komrcar Park, landscaped at the end of 19 C, with Sv Franjo church (St Francis, 1490). In Trg Slobode square stands the Tree of Freedom (Stablo slobode) a natural memorial. In the NW part of the island is Dundo Wood a nature reserve.




 ACI Marina - Rab

VHF: 17
Tel: +385/51/724-023
GSM: +385/98/399-482
Fax: +385/51/724-229


Marina is situated on the E side of the inner harbour, directly behind the breakwater, in the SE part of the harbour. It is sheltered from all winds except the southerlies by the break- water; SE winds cause a strong slop (especially dangerous in the winter) and raises the sea level by up to 1 m; it can break the securing ropes of vessels and floating fingers.

The marina has 150 berths for yachts drawing up to 5m and up to 15m in length; there are dry-berths only for yachts that are being repaired or overhauled. Water and electricity hook-ups at the berths. The marina has a meteorological service (warning and alarm sounding, weather reports and other relevant information).

The marina is open the year round. It has reception office, restaurant, shop, duty-free shop, recreation ground, toilets and showers with hot water, parking lot, fuel and gas pump.
Hoist (5 t); slipway; repairs.


SVETA MARA (44° 47''N; 14° 40''E), cove some 0.7 M east-southeast of Donja punta point (white coast light) on the SW coast of Rab.

Approach: Landmarks: the small white house on the hill above the ruins of the chapel on the E coast of the cove. The round white tower (white light) on Donja punta point.

Mooring: The cove affords good shelter for smaller yachts from the bora and the sirocco. Smaller yachts can anchor in the middle of the cove, securing stern to the bollards cut out in the rock.


KAMPORSKA DRAGA (44° 47''N; 14° 42''E), cove E of Kalifront point on the NW coast of island of Rab.

Approach: Maman islet, which separates the cove from the neigh- bouring Supetarska draga, can be easily identified.

Mooring: Because of the shoals fringing the NE and SW coast of the cove and off the islet of Maman, Kamporska draga does not afford good anchorage. It is exposed to the north-westerlies which cause a considerable sea; the bora and the sirocco are strong but do not create a sea. Smaller vessels can anchor S of Kastelina point securing stern to the bollards on the coast.

Facilities: Supermarket, restaurants.

Sights: Sv Eufemija church (1237) with the Franciscan monastery (1446, library, historical collection, collection of stone monu- ments) and Sv. Bernardin church (1458, later reconstructed in the Baroque style). Nearby the ruins there is a Roman villa rustica. Memorial cemetery, built in 1950 - 55 on the site of a former Nazi concentration camp (1942 -43).


SUPETARSKA DRAGA (44° 48.5''N; 14° 42.5''E), town (pop. 1,114 in 1991), cove and marina in the NW part of Rab, some 2.5 M southeast of Sorinj point.

Approach: Care should be taken of the reef some 50m N of the islet of Sridnjak, SW of the entrance to the cove. The reef is visible only at low tide and a choppy sea; it is marked by a con- crete column.

Mooring: The cove is exposed to N and NW winds, the bora and the sirocco are violent in it but do not cause a sea and are not dangerous for yachts lying at anchor. The best anchorage for smaller yachts (sheltered from NW winds) is in the middle of Dumici cove (S of the islet of Sajlovac). Larger yachts can anchor in the middle of Supetarska draga (depths 2128 m).

Sights: The disused Benedictine monastery of St Peter, esta- blished in 1059, abandoned in 16 C. Sv Petar church dating from the foundation period.



ACI Marina Supetarska Draga
HR-51280  Rab


VHF: 17
Tel: +385/51/776-268
GSM: +385/98/399-482
Fax: +385/51/776-222


ACI marina is situated on the NE coast of the cove of the same name.

The following landmarks are conspicuous: the white towers (white light) on Kalifront point and Kristofor point; the red tower with a column and gallery (red light) on the head of the breakwater in the marina; the low buildings of the workshops and the main office of the marina. The marina is situated at the edge of a wood and olive groves.

It is protected from NW winds by a 160m long breakwater.

Capacity: 280 berths along the breakwater and the floating fingers for yachts up to 15m long. There are 150 dry-berths. Water, electricity and telephone hook-ups at the berths. The shallow water along the waterfront, built at an incline from piled up rocks, increases rapidly in depth to 1025m in the middle of the cove.

The marina is open the year round.
The meteorological service in the marina provides regular weather reports (bulletins and information).
It has reception office, restaurant (tavern), shop, duty-free shop, toilets and showers with hot water; laundry; car park; ren- tal of sports equipment; water, electricity and telephone hook- ups. Ample opportunity for water sports.

Fuel at the pump in the town Rab marina. Other shopping in the shops in the marina and in the town of Rab.
Hoist (10 t) and a slipway; general repairs. Major repairs in Punat shipyard (Island of Krk).


LOPAR (44° 50''N; 15° 43''E), town (pop. 1,215 in 1991) and small bay on the N coast of the island of Rab.

Approach: Shape course for the white tower (white light) on Sorinj point; the belfry of Sv Marija church on the hill above the town; the yellow building next to the pier; the green tower with a column and gallery (green light) on the head of the pier.

Care should be taken of the shoals of Pregiba and Vela sika (cylindrical yellow-black-yellow buoy, 2 cones point to point) in the N part of the bay, W of Stojan point. The bay is open to NW winds, which cause a sea. The bora and the sirocco are strong.

Mooring: Smaller yachts moor at the head and the S side of the pier in front of the hotel (alongside them or by using the four- point moor); the N and outer sides of the pier are reserved for the ferry. The anchorage for smaller vessels, safe only with the bora, is in Makucina cove in the SW part of Loparski zaljev (Bay of Lopar).

In the San Marino tourist village on the NE side of Lopar there is a small harbour for yachts up to 10 m.

Facilities: Post office and medical service. Provisions and water (from cisterns) available.

Car-ferry line: Lopar - Baska.

Sights: Ruins of walls dating back to the ancient times.


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