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Tourism history island Rab Croatia

 2019. Island Rab celebrates 130 years of tourism!


Rab is one of the first tourist oasis in the northern Adriatic from the very beginnings of tourism as a modern phenomena.

On 23 April 1889. prof. Leopold Schroeter and prof. Froschauf from Austria handed the written proposal for the development of tourism to the Rab Municipal Council who accepted it the same year and declared the island a tourist destination and health resort. The decision was made on the basis of a pleasant climate and favorable effects on heart disease and respiratory organs.

Shortly after that started the construction of first hotels on the island of Rab. Here quick chronology of Rab hotel openings:
1895 hotel "Bellevue", 1908 "Grand Hotel, 1920 Hotel" Astoria ", 1925 Palace Hotel Praha, 1927 yr., Grand hotel" Imperial, 1928 Adria-today "Istria", 1930 "The Continental" - on the site today Hotel Padova, 1931 Miramar and Slavija, Bristol 1932 - present Arbiana Hotel Danica 1935. but the beginning of 20 century on the island of Rab and several private pension: Tonsa, Brozovic, Marcic, Praha, Kamensky and Zsolnay .. Interesting is the fact that in 1914 Rab visited 6000 guests and by 1930 ties Rab become one of the most popular holiday places on the Adriatic. Since then (with the exception of  war periods) number of turiss on the island is constantly increasing. 1938  the island records 17,172 visitors.

- In 1936 the English king Eduard VIII decided to escape from his state obligations and court intrigues and set sail to Mediterranean with his companion Mrs Simpson. In the Bay Kandarola, hidden from curious eyes, he entered the sea completely naked with Wallis. Although the first beach for nudists had been opened in Rab even two years before the king’s arrival, this moment was soon acknowledged as the beginning of naturism on Rab and a start for broader naturalist and sun-lovers movement.

      After the 2 nd World. War it took several years of reconstruction until the tourism recovered. The tourism and hotel company "Imperial" was founded which covered the complete tourist industry on the island until the 1990-ties. Tourism has taken an increasing momentum as elsewhere on the Mediterranean and reached its peak in numbers in the '80-es 20 st.


      The island of Rab has a variety of accommodation with about 22,500 beds in 17 hotels, two large and 1 smaller camp, two ACY marina, 2 tourist settlements (Suha Punta and San Marino), many pension, couple of rent villas, apartments and rooms in private houses. Most capacities are in private accommodation. On the island are present a dozen of travel agencies, our agency being among the first private agencies after the socialist period, providing services since 1992.

      Rab has been rewarded with the titles of tourism champion many times and received other relevant tourism awords;   "Champion of tourism", tourist award Blue Flower, Blue Flag for the beaches, the prize ''Entente Florale Europe'' or "Silver Flower of Europe 'as a special award for cleanliness and arrangement of the island, and the preservation of historical core of the city, which is a cultural monument zero category, the European Prize for Cultural Heritage 'EUROPA NOSTRA AWARD'.


Tourism champion in 2011 with many 1st prizes; Tourist flower- quality for Croatia, Best beach, Best souvenier and Best cultural manifestation.


Some of the famous people who visited island:

- Pope Alexander III, 11 ct..
- Juraj Barakovic, 15/16 ct. croatian poet who composed "Draga, the shepherdess from Rab" during his stay on the island
- Petar Trogiranin, sculptor, 15/16 ct.
- Andrija Alessi, albanian sculptor 15 ct.
- Ivan Kukuljevic Sarcinski 1856. - croatian historian, politician and writer
- Emperor Franz Josef 1875
- Sir Thomas Jackson 1887. - british architect, artist, educator, historian and author
- Mayor of Wiena dr. Lueger 1909
- Prince Alois Liechtenstein 1910 - House Liechtenstein donated a substantial sum for building the promenade in Eufemija bay
- Austrian heir apparent Franz Ferdinand 1911
- 1912 professor G?nter from Graz; Austria
- Prof. F.W.Schleyer who visited the island on several occasions. 1914. he published a book "RAB, TOWN AND ISLAND, PEARL OF NATURE AND ART IN DALMATIA"
- 1924. german legendary film director  Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau ( Nosferatu) filmed his movie "Die Finanzen des Großherzogs"/ Grand Duke's Finances on island Rab
- 1936 King Edward VIII and Lady Simpson - who with a municipal consent, enjoyed bathing naked on peninsula Frkanj and are held as founders of the oldest nudist beach on the Adriatic - Kandalora. On the green lay in front of the hotel Imperial a flower sterling sign was planted in their honour.
- Painter Edo Freiherr von Handel- Mazzetti in the twenties

Famous People who recently visited the island:

- Mr Bruno Kreisky, ex- chancellor of Austria
- Sheikh Yamani, former OPEC boss
- Nino Cerutti
- Agnelli family
- Dragutin Tadijanovic, croatian poet
- Slobodan Novak, croatian writer ( "Essences, gold and olibanum" - recommended reading for all literature- lovers, in which is Rab magnificently portrayed. )
- Vladimir Dodig Trokut, modern artist
- Zoran Feric - contemporary croatian writer
- Dunja Vejzovic - croatian opera songsters
- captain regents of Republic San Marino
- Davor Suker, croatian football player
- Ivana Trump
- Marc Evans, Evans group, with his mega yacht "White rose of Drachs"

- prof. Reinhold Wuerth on his super yacht "Vibrant Curiosity"

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