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Nature beauties on Rab island

Rab is one of the greenest islands on the Adriatic. After it's rocky side facing Velebit channel that you see on arrival,  immediately arround the corner from the ferry the island baren face turns into a beautiful rich garden. It abounds with aromatic herbs, oak woods and pine planks, fertile fields, vineyards, landscaped gardens and of course the long coastal promenades along the sea.

Greenery of Rab is due to enough water sources; island has numerous springs, more than 300. . Most popular green oasis on the island are certainly centennial town park Komrčar, with characteristic Aleppo pines, and the protected forest reserve "Dundo" on the peninsula Kalifront.


The island of Rab has a < Adriatic type > Mediterranean climate with warm summers and mild winters. For this mild climate is credited Kamenjak hill that protects the island from the wind, especially from the strong winter bura storms.Snow, which covers the nearby peaks of the Velebit Mountains throughout the winter is a rarity on the island of Rab. Number of sun hours per year is approximately 2417, and the number of cloudy days is small.
Swimming season lasts from May to October with the average temperature higher than 20 C.


Rab abounds with many and varied plants. Here you can find a wealth of rare and medicinal herbs, aromatic plants, specially on karst. The large central part of the island is covered by fertile fields, gardens, vineyards, orchards and olive groves. On the island grow many kinds of citrus fruits and vegetables. Others are forests, especially the oldest native holm oak forests, "Dundo" which is also a protected forest reserve.
The forest is open for visitors and hikers, it is a unique forest environment rich in flora and fauna, from the rich bird life, to interesting insects, butterflies, small animals, reptiles and to various flowers, aromatic plants, herbs and other plant cover. The forest has many trails suitable for hiking and mountian biking, bays are favorite bathing on the island for all, specially boaters.

On the raw side of the island grows Erica arborea, holm oak, elm, myrtle, ferns, various herbs, blackberries, juniper tree, and the broom shrubs blooming in spring, creating a beautiful picture.

For some common plants of the island:
- Olives, figs, evergreen oaks, grapes, sage, caper, rosemary, thyme, broom, holm oak, mulberry, herbs, grasses,
curry plant, immortelle, milkweed, wild asparagus, blueberries, white hawthorn, alpine and coastal pine, oak Pubescent or dub, rowan, privets, strawberry tree, juniper, cypress, poplar, laurel, agaves.


The largest native mammal on the island of Rab, besides domestic animals are the hare and rabbit, and the
beech marten (Martes foina).
Birds are more numerous than mammals, some are here permanently (pheasant, pigeon, crow, grey crow, partridge, blackbird fledgling birds, goldfish, small and large arbor, lark, sparrow, bird swimmer gull and guillemot, while others are migratory birds (cuckoo, turtledove, swallow, nightingale, storks, herons, swans, finches, woodcock and snipe, quail).
There are also two ornithological habitats for migratory species, the bay of St. Eufemia and bay of Supetarska Draga. The birds of prey that live here are goshawk, sparrow-hawk,
Scops Owl and the owl. Less frequently, from the vicinity of Velebit or Cres downs a bald eagle or vulture.
In the protected forest "Dundo" live also a wildlife deer, roe deer, mouflon.
From the largest reptiles there are lizards and a rare green lizard, then copperhead snakes and ordinary
aesculapian snake. No poisonous snakes are found on the island.
Of amphibians there are different species of frog and salamander.
From insects on Rab most numerous are the various types of butterflies and in the summer months can be heard the sound of crickets.

Marine flora and fauna:
- Algar or resin
- Several species of sponges
- sea anemone
- Corals
- Shells: date shell, mussels, white mussels, Volak, oysters, pen Lostura, turbans, limpets, clam, abalone ...
- Crab: different kinds of crabs, sea snails, lobster, ralog, shrimp, crab
- Molluscs: cuttle fish, squid, octopus, squid, totanj
- Fish:
gilt-head sea bream, saddled bream, mullet, bream, sea bream, barb, bream, dory, conger eel, flounder, Boops boops, goby, hake, red mullet, sea bass, grouper, comber, mackerel, mackerel, bonito, sadrina, tuna, Cacin, Spar ... dolphins, sea monk, rays and small types of dogfish who live far from the coast.

Special attractions:
- Old sunken ship from the II. World war, perfect for beginners and advanced.
- Underwater caves and grottoes
- Submarine spring waters
- Long Reef - according to many divers, one of the nicest arround

Landscapes with a special status / protection on the island of Rab:

- Special Reserve - protected forest Dundo on peninsula Kalifront
- Forest Park Komrcar town of Rab
- Protected area-north of the peninsula Lopar on Rab
- A memorial object - Tree of liberty on the Freedom Square in the town of Rab
- Geo-park

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