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Island Rab - digest

The island of Rab is the smallest island of the Kvarner Bay in Primorsko-Goranska County, one of the most popular and most beautiful islands in the Adriatic. Together with the neighboring islands Prvić, Grgur, Goli, Maman and Sailovac it makes Rab group of islands. the island extends in a northwest-southeast direction, parallel to the mainland and  the mountain Velebit coast.

The island has rich landscape diversity; pleasant mild climate and lush nature, beautiful bays, various beaches and the enchanting old city, attracting visitors from year to year.

The city of long history and rich heritage charms with its
Mediterranean atmosphere and recognizable veduta of four bell- towers. The old town of Rab is very well preserved authentic architectural assemblage of the well preserved Romanesque monuments and monumental architecture like towers, cathedral, beautifull Renaissance palaces and residences.

Island Rab long stands as the top Adriatic destination of excellence owing to its natural resources, cultural heritage, traditional customs and festivals, local cuisine and excellent tourist services. You can expect a memorable experience. Many customers say Rab island is a pleasant surprise both in beauty and content. Whether you want to enjoy the mild climate, wander around the island, take long promenade walks along the sea, discover centuries of history and heritage or just enjoy the beach, sea and Sun, Rab is the perfect vacation place for you.
On the island you will find different types of beaches, from stone, pebbles, sand, conventional or naturist, beaches with the service or pure natural environment - enough choices for all tastes.

General information;

Geographical position:
Width: 44 ° 45 'N, longitude: 14 ° 46' E
Area: 102.85 km2
the largestlength:22 km
the largestwidth: 12 km
Population: 9480
Climate: Mediterranean
Hours of sunshine per year, approximately 2.417 h
- Winds: in winter cold and dry wind / bura, hot and humid south south / jugo, the summer breeze / maestral
- mild winters with an average temperature of 7 °C.
The sea temperature/ bathing temeperature; 
- from May to June and September / October, 18-20 C
- July / August 22 - 25 °
The average annual air temperature: 16.73 °
Average summer air- temperature: 23.7 °
 (the temperature on the sun in the season peak mid-July to mid-August: 35 ° - 43 ° )
The coast of the island of Rab varies in structure; from rocks, pebbles to sand. Island's countryside valleys and hills with plentiful of mediterranean greenery and over 30% of the island's surface covered in forests.
The most rugged and rocky is the northeastern coastline facing the mainland, part of the hill Kamenjak whose cliffs dropping steeply into the sea. Lopar Peninsula has numerous wide shallow sandy beaches in the many picturesque bays, some of them desolate. The western part of the island has two large bays: Supetarska draga and Kamporska draga, also with sandy beaches.
One of the most interesting regions of the island is part from the Cape Kalifront to Cape Frkanj, protected forest area with a number of lovely sheltered coves with cute beaches and bays for swimming and relaxation. Further to the South east lie the bays St. Euphemia, the port of Rab, and the shallow beaches beaches First, Second and Third Padova. Palit area offers a long promenade along Eufemia bay with bathing areas.
Around the island of Rab is a large number of small islands which along with numerous bays and coves, contribute to the charm of the island.

Places on the Island

The island has seven villages - tourist places and  the island capital - same named town Rab. As the whole Rab island is very small so you can visit it all during your stay. Every place on the island is of course a different landscape and a blend of cuisine, hospitality and traditions.

Barbat - area 5-8 km from the city, first after the ferry port Mišnjak
Banjol - area 0-5 km from center
Palit - area 0 - 2.5 km from the center
Kampor - area 3-6 km from center
Mundanije - area 3-6 km from center
Supetarska Draga- area 7-9 km from center
Lopar - area 12-15 km from the center

- Town Rab is situated on a small limestone peninsula, between Bay of St. Euphemia and village Banjol, constructed in the characteristic shape of a sailing ship with 4 tall  masts ( bell towers).

Economy on the island of Rab


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