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Each house has house rules posted at the unit and those house rules have to be respected.

Review of common

REST HOURS - SILENCE - 24h - 08h
  / past midnight to 8 am
- Noise is generally not welcomed. Neighbours are also sensitive to noise and can call for public order.
- Guests are obliged to mannerly behaviour for both adults and children. Children must be supervised during playtime.

- If absent for 24h or longer, please notify the proprietor, just in case.
 - If you are absent for 2+ days, you are obliged to report this to the owner in advance.

- Pets not allowed if not announced and confirmed beforehand with the booking.
- People who are not registered guests of the house as specified are not allowed to sleep in the house, to use house appliances or to reside at the property.
- Dinners and parties must also be agreed with the owner in advance.
- Jumping into the pool, eating by the pool
- Barbecue on the balcony
- Open the windows with air-conditioning usage

If not otherwise stated in offer, in general tolerated in communal space ( kitchen/ living room, balcony).
Not allowed in the sleeping rooms.

- You are responsible for your valuables. Do not leave them in the house.
- Close all the doors and windows when out, specially in case of a tunder storm. Then turn off water taps, power, gas.

- Guests are liable for the caused damages in the unit.
If anything happens, you are obliged to report it immediately to the owner. Replacement or fixing is on your cost.
- It is not allowed to move the furniture or any devices without consent. Our house towels, blankets or appliences cannot be taken from the house.
- Air-draft  and door/ windows battering  are not allowed, take care of that.
- Kitchen is supplied for registered number of persons with minimum dishes and cutlery for cooking.

- During summer please take the garbage out daily. Please separate PET, glass, paper from municipal waste.
Dogs andother pets
- onlywhere permitted, andonly uponconfirmation at thereservation.
In general,small dogs ok whereanimals welcome, bigdogs,doga-boxer, etc., andlong-haired difficult.
You are responsiblefor the dog/pet,for the necessarydocuments inhealth,good behavior andcleanliness.
Animal is not allowed tosleepin bed (after youcome otherguests), andmust have ownbasket andother accessories.
It is not permittedto leavepetsunattended at the premises.



You are expected to leave the unit as it was when you arrived ( except for bedding and towels of course). If the apartment is left untidy and messy, the owner reserves the right to charge for extra cleaning service.

Use it with common sense. Recommended temeprature difference -6 C to outside temeprature. If in use, close the windows and doors.
Set the timer to stand by or turn it off when not present.
The most common mistake in the use of air conditioners is the wrong temperature setting.

If the outside temperature is 35 degrees Celsius, people will often set Airtemperature to 25 degrees or less, which will certainly affect their health. Sudden temperature changes can cause the body to fall into a high degree of stress,
fatigue, immunity drop and therefore illness.

Correct usage;
Aircooling is properly used when the difference between the outside temperature and those in the area is not more than 6 degrees 
and windows and doors closed or on stand-by when outside.
Unreasonable use of the cooling will be charged extra fee because of increased energy consumption.

- to be returned before departure to the owner.

Arrival and departure are calculated as 1 day.

- On arrival day accommodation is available after 14:00h
- On departure day you have to leave the unit by 10:00h in the morning.
House rules are drawn up by the usual practices in the hospitality industry and is an integral part of each rent.

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